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  1. Mademoiselle Quitard,

    Your paintings are extraordinarily out of this world! Your colours are richly textured to the point of divine intoxication! My friend in the Netherlands sent me a little notebook with your images inside; this is how I found you. I am in sheer awesome delight of your extensive collection! Thank you for sharing such enchanting beauty with the world. I would love to purchase a complete art book of your work if you produce one someday. ♥️

    • vecu vecu

      Thank you for your nice comment; I am happy to bring pleasure as much as I take to paint; I do not have a book currently on my painting but maybe one day I would make one. You can follow my activity on facebook where my paintings appear regularly.
      Kind regards

    • vecu vecu

      Bonjour et merci pour votre compliment qui me touche !

  2. Daniel Ait GOUGAM

    Vos oeuvre sont vraiment belles! Franchement chapeau!
    Daniel Ait GOUGAM
    Président de la société TranspOnyx Transfers

    • vecu vecu

      Merci pour votre gentil commentaire ! … et excusez-moi pour le retard de ma réponse; Je ne prends connaissance de ce dernier que ce jour.

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